Thursday, 20 October 2011

HotelsForEvent launch: online booking solution for event organisers

The HotelsForEvent online booking solution for event organisers has now been officially launched after promising results during the testing period. In that time, 1,821 bookings were made using the service, and turnover amounted to USD 1,020,362. The figures confirmed developers’ expectations.

Price comparison

This up-to-date service is in demand and satisfies the needs of both event organisers and visitors. On the one hand, HotelsForEvent makes it more organised and effective for visitors to plan their trip. On the other hand, event organisers earn visitors’ loyalty and gain extra income.

Map search

The service is created to suit event organisers’ needs in terms of an accommodation management solution, while helping to avoid unnecessary calls during the event organisation process. HotelsForEvent combines accommodation offers from the best online booking systems such as, HRS, Expedia,, , Agoda,, DHR and Travelocity. It also generates a comprehensive list of accommodation offers, valid for specific event dates and locations. “A price comparison, sorting feature, flexible filters and a ‘visual search’ option allows the visitor to obtain the most relevant search results. At the moment, the solution is available in 10 different languages, thus ensuring product availability for local as well as international visitors,” stated Gennadiy Netyaha, the CEO of the developer company.

HotelsForEvent allows the user to create an online hotel booking solution for an event website in just five minutes and to set it up easily on the event pages of a website. The service can be implemented in the event website as an interactive widget by using HTML code or as a direct link to the hotels list. Anyone can set up this service for his event free of charge and without any obligatory registration.

Widget implemented in the web site
By registering for the service, extra options become available for event organisers, including the monetization of bookings, interactive widget branding, and detailed statistics.

The HotelsForEvent widget can be found, for example, on the following event websites: BarnimBau Eberswalde (Germany), ART Innsbruck (Austria), FLOWERS & HORTHECH (Poland), Mersin Transport'11 (Turkey), MERSIN AGRODAYS (Turkey), EneR Event (Morocco), Hosts India (India), SICFE Shanghai (China), Office World (China), and World Green Energy Symposium (USA).

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